Researcher at the Institut de Recherche en Informatique de Toulouse
Research Team: Cooperative Multi-Agent Systems (SMAC) (IRIT-UT1)
Research Theme: Agent-Based Simulation of Social Systems

News ...

  • (posted 24/04/2017) Glad to become associate editor of Advances in Complex Systems.

  • (posted 28/03/2017) Jérome Vicente (one my co-author with Juan Crespo) short listed for the AFSE best book in economics 2017.

  • (posted 28/03/2017) Participation à Feuille de route systèmes complexes 2017 Paris on June 19-24 2017.

  • (posted 27/03/2017) SYSCOB: Systèmes Complexes Bio-inspirés: organization of a workshop on drones swarm control in Toulouse on November 13-14 2017.

  • (posted 07/03/2017) An Asynchronous Double Auction Market to Study the Formation of Financial Bubbles and Crashes published with Sadek Benhammada and Salim Chikhi in New Generation Computing, available on-line.

  • (posted 22/02/2017) "What guides the invisible hand?" by Adrien Blanchet about the MUSE project, IAST Connect #9, Winter 2016.

  • (posted 03/02/2017) participation to the 10th edition of the Summer School MAPS : Réseau thématique de modélisation multi-agents appliquée aux phénomènes spatialisés.

  • (posted 28/09/2016) Interview for Millenium 3 : Modélisation Urbaine : Atouts et Limites de la Simulation Agent.

  • Ongoing research projects

  • GENSTAR: Generation of spatialized and socially structured synthetic populations for social simulation (ANR MN - GENSTAR 2013-2017)

  • PEERE: New Frontiers of Peer Review (COST Action TD 1306 2014-2018)