Teaching and Supervision Activities

Associate Professor in Computer Sciences at the Université Toulouse 1 Capitole

Licence degree
- Simulation and Prospective -- Licence Economics and Computer Science (University Toulouse 1 Capitole) (2011-2016)
- Object-oriented Programming in Java -- Licence Economics and Informatics 2nd year (University Toulouse 1 Capitole) (2012-2015)

Master's degree
- VBA Programming -- Master Finance (University Toulouse 1) (2008-)
- Programming in R -- Master Economics and Statistics (University Toulouse 1 Capitole) (2011-)
- Object-oriented Programming in Java -- Master MIAGE - IPM (University Toulouse 1) (2015-)

- Modelling of Social Systems -- Master in Economics and Territorial Development (University Toulouse 1 Capitole) (2011-)
- Simulation of Complex Systems -- Master Intelligence Artificielle, Intelligence Collective et Interaction (IAICI) (M2) (University Paul Sabatier Toulouse 3) (2013-2015)
- Social Networks Analysis and Mining -- Master Droit du Numérique (University Toulouse 1 Capitole) (2016-)
- Social Networks Analysis and Mining -- Master Information and Communication (University Paul Sabatier Toulouse 3) (2011-2015)

Supervising of PhD students

- Mehdi Djellabi Dynamics of Non-Dense Parts of Social Networks (from September, 2016) (codir. B.Jouve)
- Audren Bouadjio-Boulic Self-Organization of Perturbated Social Networks (from October, 2014) (codir. C.Hanachi)

- Truong Minh Thai To Develop a Database Management Tool for Multi-Agent Simulation Platform (Defended on February 11th 2015) (codir. C.Sibertin-Blanc, B.Gaudou)
- Rémy Cazabet Detection of dynamic communities in temporal networks (Defended on March 22th, 2013) (codir. C.Hanachi)
- Walter Quattrociocchi Computational aspects of social dynamics (Defended on November 8th, 2012) (codir. E.Lodi, N.Santoro)
- Matthias Mailliard Formalisation Multi-Agents de la Sociologie de l Action Organisée (Defended December, 2008) (codir. C.Sibertin-Blanc)